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FARGO® HDP6600 Printer

A Pioneer in Secure Identity Solutions

With a history of several decades and consistently being at the forefront of innovation, HID® Fargo® ID card printers, ID cards, printing technologies, and other world-class products to their customers worldwide.HID Corporation is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and distributing secure identity solutions.

HID Corporation takes pride in advanced badge printing solutions, which have become an industry standard for organizations seeking reliable and secure identification systems. HID Fargo badge printers combine state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features, enabling organizations to create high-quality, tamper-resistant photo identification badges efficiently.

Whether you need badges for employee identification, access control, visitor management, or event registration, HID’s printers offer unmatched versatility and durability. eXpress badging® offers a complete range of HID Fargo ID badge printer models tailored to different organizational needs, ensuring that our customers can find the perfect fit for their requirements.

HID Fargo Warranty Summary (US only)

Please read the full details in HID Fargo’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale within the packaging for the most recent coverage.

Covered by HID Fargo’s One-Year Loaner Warranty!

If eXpress badging cannot get your printer functional within the first two hours of troubleshooting, we open a support ticket with HID Fargo directly.  Some tickets may require further troubleshooting from HID Fargo and/or an eXpress badging technician. Other tickets may not, and eXpress badging can manage and coordinate the HID Fargo Loaner Warranty Printer (LWP) shipment within a business day or two.

Once the LWP arrives at your site, it is removed from the factory box. Then you place the non-functional printer in the same box for return. HID Fargo covers shipping to your address, and your organization covers shipping to HID Fargo for both printers (your printer and HID Fargo’s loaner printer.) The HID Fargo support ticket is closed once the LWP is returned to HID Fargo.  Failure to return the LWP within the stated terms may result in being invoiced for the LWP at the MSRP price.  A second year LWP extension is available when procured with the printer.

Standard Warranty

HID Fargo DTC 1250, DTC 1500, DTC 4250, DTC 4500, DTC 5500, HDP 5000, HDP 6600

Limited Three-Year Warranty

  • Unlimited card passes with UltraCard™