School Identification Badges

When should a campus consider contracting ID card printing to a trusted resource?
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School Identification Badges

Each year, as students return to schools and campuses, eXpress badging® provides secure solutions to elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities for printing, issuing, and managing photo identification cards that are equipped with magnetic strips, barcodes, and RFID technologies.

Since most schools require ID cards for students, faculty, and staff,  eXpress badging is excited to offer two convenient options for issuing photo ID cards for education customers using our You Print onsite or our We Print for your options.

Why Use eXpress badging for University IDs?

Utilizing over 25 years of experience and expertise in the university ID printing and design business, eXpress badging gives students and staff trustworthy and durable badges. We have the know-how and capabilities to guide you through the process, step by step, providing support and the best quality ID badges at reasonable prices. eXpress badging offers no minimum purchase amounts and bulk order discounts. We are fully equipped and prepared to create photo ID badges for any student and academic population size, from smaller private universities to large-scale state universities.

What is a virtual identification card?

The virtual ID card is the future of school badges and ID cards regarding how on-campus faculty staff and student identification will be conducted. Replacing a printed physical ID card with a virtual version as a mobile credential that is quickly and securely displayed on a mobile device that looks exactly the same is the wave of the future.

Virtual badges have a significantly less environmental impact, provide easy access, and are not subject to human error, like in cases of students losing or forgetting to wear their printed ID cards to school. In addition to traditional printed ID badges, eXpress badging offers a Veoncis® Virtual ID Card or mobile ID card as a replacement or secondary option for school and university ID cards, which are easily managed through our cloud-based Veonics® Portal identification management software.

Virtual ID Mobile