Payment Shipping and Handling Policies

Payment Policies:

  • Credit Card Processing:
    • To process any order described in a Confirming Sales Order, the CUSTOMER must provide their credit card information for payment.
    • Credit card information can be supplied through a secured COMPANY-embedded payment link provided in an email, or by phone.
    • Upon using the COMPANY-provided gateway hyperlink, a $0.01 charge is run and then credited back to the card number provided.
    • Upon customer approval of a product order, any applicable deposit payment is processed immediately by the company.
    • If the final amount due exceeds the authorized amount, approval must be obtained before completing the order.
  • Payment by Check:
    • CUSTOMER shall mail check(s) to the COMPANY’s address stated on the Invoice or Confirming Sales Order for upfront deposit payments.
    • If a customer pays an invoice with extended payment terms using a credit card 10 or more business days after the invoice date, a 4% service charge will be added upon request.
  • Electronic Payments:
    • The COMPANY will accept Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) payment for initial CUSTOMER orders over $500 and any subsequent orders regardless of the amount.
  • Purchase Orders:
    • The COMPANY accepts payment by issuance of a purchase order (“PO”); provided that, use of POs is approved in advance by the COMPANY and that no terms set forth in any PO that is contrary to or that in any way conflict with any of the terms set forth in a Proposal, Confirming Sale Order, Invoice or COMPANY General Terms and Conditions shall apply, and any such contrary or conflicting terms shall be considered void and inapplicable to the subject transaction; with the exception of COMPANY approved terms within signed contracts.
    • The CUSTOMER’S account payable contact information must be provided, including name, email and phone number, and the contact must be a finance department individual responsible for accounts payable.
  • Prepayments and Underpayments:
    • Any prepayment amounts remaining after order completion will be retained as a credit against future orders by the CUSTOMER. The COMPANY will not be provided any refunds of such amounts.
    • COMPANY will invoice any amounts payable that exceed the amount that was prepaid, and payment shall be due upon receipt of such Invoice, and until payment in full, COMPANY will place a hold on any current and future orders requiring either payment in full of the outstanding amount or prepayment of the current order before processing and shipment.
  • Prepaid Badging™, Batch Badging™, and Custom Printed Products Payments:
    • For all Prepaid Badging™ orders, payment must be processed before any work on the order is started unless extended terms are provided in the Invoice.
    • All Batch Badging™ and other custom-printed items are invoiced by the actual number shipped based on the applicable price.
    • For all custom-printed PressCards, Contact Us.
  • Sales Taxes:
    • Sales Tax Nexus: According to United States sales tax nexus laws established June 21, 2018, eXpress badging®, the selling COMPANY, must charge sales tax on orders with a ship-to address containing a state in which COMPANY remits sales tax. The sales tax, if applicable, will show on CUSTOMER’S sales order and final invoice. It may show on the initial proposal depending on the information provided by the CUSTOMER during the sales qualification process.
    • Exemption: CUSTOMERS that are tax-exempt due to non-profit status or reselling as a COMPANY authorized dealer and located in a state in which COMPANY has nexus, will be required to provide an active Sales Tax Exempt form to COMPANY if they wish not to pay sales tax. Once received, the sales tax will be voided on all future orders. The CUSTOMER will be required to send a renewed Sales Tax Exemption form to the COMPANY upon expiry. If a renewal is not received, COMPANY will charge sales tax on all orders after the expiry date in any state COMPANY remits sales tax.
    • Drop Shipping: Sales tax will be collected based on COMPANY’s filing status in each state. However, when a CUSTOMER places an order that requires drop shipping from a COMPANY vendor that is in the same state as the CUSTOMER, sales tax will be passed to the customer regardless if the COMPANY files sales tax in the delivery state or not, and the CUSTOMER has not provided COMPANY with a Sales Tax Exemption Form. If CUSTOMER provides their tax exemption certificate to COMPANY, it will be provided to the COMPANY’s vendor to be kept on file by the vendor.

Shipping and Handling:

  • Any costs of COMPANY relating to packaging, transportation, and insurance shall be charged to CUSTOMER unless otherwise stated differently in an Invoice.
  • All Products are shipped “FOB ORIGIN – PREPAID AND ADD”: Accordingly, title and risk of loss of all Products shipped under this Agreement shall pass to the CUSTOMER once such Products are picked up for delivery by the carrier at the COMPANY facility, or facility of shipping origin if being drop shipped. The COMPANY will assist in recovering Products lost or damaged in transit, but will not re-ship any duplicate Products, except if additional associated fees are paid. IN SUCH CASES, the COMPANY will work with the CUSTOMER to duplicate, produce, and ship the same order a second time.
  • FOB Defined: Under 48 CFR 2.101 (Title 48, Federal Acquisition Regulations System; Chapter 1, Federal Acquisition Regulation; Subchapter A, General; Part 2, Definitions of Words and Terms; Subpart 2.1, Definitions), “f.o.b. origin” means “free on board at origin; i.e., the seller or consignor places the goods on the conveyance. Unless the contract provides otherwise, the buyer or consignee is responsible for the shipping cost and risk of loss.”
  • FOB – Free On Board and is a term used in conjunction with a physical point and to determine—
    • The responsibility and basis for payment of freight charges; and
    • Unless otherwise agreed, the point where the title for goods passes to the buyer or consignee.
    • The shipping address “city” is the physical point of destination
    • CUSTOMER must request shipping insurance coverage and amounts. Otherwise, no shipping insurance is provided.
  • FOB Destination – Free On Board at destination; i.e., the seller or consignor delivers the goods on seller’s or consignor’s conveyance at destination. Unless the contract provides otherwise, the seller or consignor is responsible for the cost of shipping and the risk of loss.
  • FOB Origin – Free On Board at origin; i.e., the seller or consignor places the goods on the conveyance. Unless the contract provides otherwise, the buyer or consignee is responsible for the cost of shipping and the risk of loss.

Standard Shipping Methods:

The COMPANY uses UPS Standard Ground for larger Product shipments, and USPS Mail Priority First Class for smaller shipments as default shipping methods; unless otherwise requested by the CUSTOMER.

  • Prepaid Terms’ CUSTOMERS: Flat rate shipping costs are provided for payment with your order.
  • Extended Terms’ CUSTOMERS: Shipping costs are “Prepaid and Added to Invoice”

Business Day Defined:

COMPANY works off business days and defines the first business day or “Day 1” as any business day before 2:01 p.m. US Eastern Standard Time. If an order is received after 2:00 pm EST, the following business day is DAY 1. Example: photos and data are uploaded for printing at 3:00 pm EST on Friday, then DAY 1 is Monday, and your badge order will ship on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on daily queued production volume. If you have a “must-have by date,” it is essential to communicate the date during the initial engagement stage.

  • Proofs: Once all artwork files are received, Proofs are provided on Day 2 or Day 3
  • Test Cards: Once all card specifications are received, Proofs are provided on Day 2 or Day 3
  • Printing/Shipping: Batch Badging™, Prepaid Badging™, QuickCards™, and eXpressPROX™ orders typically ship on DAY 2 and DAY 3; after proof and testing, and signed approval, all data and photos are received.
  • Name Brand RFID Stock: COMPANY drop ships HID, and all other manufacturer’s stock ranging from 5 to 20 business days after receipt of order.
  • Stock Badge Holders: COMPANY drop ships stock badge holders (strap clips, lanyards, reels, holders…) ranging from 2 to 5 business days after receipt of the order.
  • Hardware, Software, and Supplies: COMPANY drop ships hardware (printers, laminators, slot punches, backdrops, digital cameras…), Software (made available by download links and license keys), and supplies (printer ribbons, films, laminates, cleaning supplies…) ranging from 2 to 5 business days after receipt of order.
  • Custom Printed PVC Card Stock and Badge Holders: COMPANY drop ships custom printed Press Cards™ (factory off-set printed stock) and customer printed badge holders within 10 to 15 business days after CUSTOMER proof/testing approval.

Must-Have-By Dates:

Regardless if a COMPANY published or provided schedule-of-shipment falls within a needed timeframe or not; if CUSTOMER has a product in-hand target date, the CUSTOMER must provide such a date upon placement of the order. COMPANY will provide confirmation in writing (email, proposal or sales order) stating delivery must-have-by date(s) acknowledgment and acceptance. Without written confirmation from an authorized COMPANY representative, any must-have-by date(s) will not be guaranteed. Also, any expedited shipping required to meet stated must-have-by date(s), will be charged to the customer, unless otherwise noted within the confirming sales order.

Batch Badging™ Shipping:

Batch Badging™ is designed for re-badge and initial ID badge issuance projects. It can also be used for those who do not require ID badges regularly and desire a “pay as you go” model.

It is important first to determine any “must have by” dates and the shipping methods required to meet them. If your Batch Badging™ project requires drop-shipments to multiple locations, ensure your order includes our “Sort, Bundle, Pack and Ship” line item. You will have to provide all shipping addresses in advance. We will invoice shipping as stated in your confirming order.

  • Shipping is not included; see the shipping line item on your proposal, for terms and details.
  • Most orders ship on DAY 2 or DAY 3 after proof approval and assuming all data and photos are also provided and ready

Prepaid Badging™ Shipping:

Prepaid Badging is for ongoing and outsourced ID badge issuance. Buy photo ID badge credits and order whenever needed until your credits are used up.

  • Shipping included.
  • Most orders ship on Day 2 or Day 3 after proof approval.
  • You can order one badge or many.
  • USPS First Class Postage is our standard shipping method: estimate in-hand within 3 to 8 business days based on location
  • USPS First Priority Mail with tracking is available with an upgrade
  • Prepaid Badging™ Day 4 Ship Guarantee!
    • Most orders ship on DAY 2.
    • If for any reason, your is shipped on DAY 5 or more, then we do not use your badge credits up to a value of $100 to keep us on our toes.
    • Scheduled holidays, national disasters, and states of emergency do not count as business days when applicable.

PressCards™ and Custom Holders Shipping:

ID Fulfillment Issuance:

ID Fulfillment Issuance is designed using either of our Batch Badging™ or Prepaid Badging™ billing processes with one variation; we ship one ID card to one address for all records submitted. This program is designed for customers who need the photo ID badge mailed directly to the individual’s address. Popular programs include membership ID cards, remote employee ID badges, online student badges, vendor badges, and many others. Programs start at 10 or more and will vary in price based on fulfillment options selected:

  • Custom Printing ID Card Services
  • Slotting of ID badge if required
  • Technology encoding and testing if required
  • Quality Control Review of print quality and data/photo merge integrity
  • Affixed ID card to carrier/letter (custom or generic) and folded if required
  • Matched, stuffed and sealed in and addressed #10 envelope
  • USPS First Priority Mail
  • 3 Day Ship Guarantee! Most orders ship the next day received.
  • A web-based account is provided to submit orders and monitor production status
  • Acquire photos using the Veonics® Portal CELLfie™ feature within your cloud based-badging account
  • Data and photo integration services are available to automate account record population

Quantity Discount Breaks:

Many items have quantity breaks for discounting. If your actual quantity shipped goes below the quantity break ordered, COMPANY will charge the lesser; extended price factoring in the lesser quantity break range price, or the cost of the higher quantity break price at the minimum quantity value.

    • Example: The Customer orders 100 Batch Badging™ badges at $5.00/ea, and eXpress badging ships CUSTOMERS request of 85 badges, which falls under the 50 – 99 pricing tier of $6.00/ea, or $510, the Customer is only charged or $5.00 x 100 = $500.00. If the quantity shipped was 60, then the amount due is $360, or 60 X $6.00; not $300 or 60 x $5.00 (prices are examples only.) This rule applies to any custom printed product to include but not limited to: personalized ID badges, card/badge stock, badge lanyards, badge reels, or any other product where the printing of a logo or tagline is applied.

Over/Under Runs and Exact Quantity Shipment:

Some custom printed products (PVC and Teslin cardstock, badge holders…) have over/under run manufacturing/printing conditional terms stated in COMPANY issued Proposals and Confirming Sales Orders and will be invoiced accordingly. Also, if an exact quantity shipment is required, all customers must state this term upon price request as additional costs will be required and clearly stated in COMPANY Proposals and Confirming Sales Orders. CUSTOMER confirming PO (if applicable) must clearly state acceptance of this term.

  • Example: The Customer orders 1000 custom-printed PVC cardstock for their badge printer, and if the COMPANY-factory ships 915, which falls within the 10% over/under terms, then the customer will be invoiced for 910 badges at the unit prices stated on the confirming sales order, and the order is considered complete. If 1065 are produced the surplus is shipped and invoiced at the published unit price.

Returns and Refunds:

  • Any remaining or unused Prepaid Badging™ credit/backlog is non-refundable.
  • Prepaid Badging™ badge credits never expire for active eXpress badging accounts.
  • Inactive customers are notified after one year of no badge requests.
  • If there is no response from the customer, the backorder will be canceled within 30 days of previous notification.
  • There will be a 15% restocking charge to customers for non-custom items, in addition to all incurred shipping charges, and customer covers return shipping cost. customers must notify eXpress badging in writing with the reason for returning within 20 business days of ship date and must be provided a Return Authorization Number. Otherwise, payment is due in full per stated terms or no refunds will be credited.
  • Customized items purchased from eXpress badging cannot be returned, and payment is due in full, or not credited, if: used, damaged or have exceeded 20 business days from ship date.
  • Certain eXpress badging items cannot be returned for credit such as custom printed PVC or Teslin card media, RFID cards, custom printed lanyards, and holders, or any other custom ordered or printed product; unless incorrectly produced and found not to be at fault of customers.
  • eXpress badging purchased hardware must be unused, in factory boxes, all shipping preparation packing must be in place, and must include all miscellaneous provided components. It must be new when returned!
  • Software purchased from eXpress badging cannot be returned or credited after installation if the product seal is broken (if applicable), registration of license key has taken place, or it has exceeded 20 business days from ship date.

Changes and Cancellations – Custom Printed:

  • All changes requested by customers are subject to written approval by eXpress badging and to reasonable changes in delivery or price as eXpress badging determines is necessitated thereby and the parties agree in writing.
  • If work is in progress, customers are charged for all Goods made/performed as well as all non-refundable additional costs resulting from such changes.
  • Cancellation Policy on Custom Card Products: Between one and four weeks, a charge of half the purchase price will be invoiced/due by customers. Full price will be invoiced/due by customers for any cancellation within one week of a confirmed ship date.

Data Security and Retention:

COMPANY recommends that users only provide personally identifiable information (PII) data with low confidentiality impact levels for display on a photo ID credential. CUSTOMER cardholder’s data and photos are regularly removed from the system. COMPANY is not responsible for retaining this information for ongoing re-issuance, and it will be deleted at COMPANY’s discretion. CUSTOMER is responsible for keeping a backup of all badge data in case it is needed for future use.

COMPANY Security Policy for Data, Photos, and Badge Design ensures that all CUSTOMER -provided Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and photos are exchanged through a secured process. COMPANY uses multiple identity management models to store customer PII, including storing customer-provided data and images locally on servers which is then uploaded to a COMPANY cloud-based badging software called Veonics Portal. COMPANY servers are protected by state-of-the-art cyber protection and firewalls.

Access to customer’s badge information is provided to authorized eXpress badging personnel only. We never make public nor sell, any customers’ data, photos, or badge designs.

The Veonics Portal, which is a cloud-based resource from COMPANY, ensures secure access by using HTTPS protocols and encryption at rest AWS servers. Only authorized COMPANY and CUSTOMER users with valid username, password, and assigned user rights are allowed access. Upon initial sign-in, all Veonics Portal users must approve the Veonics Portal ULA (user license agreement) according to the terms of the portal, and must also periodically update it.

Regarding CUSTOMER information that is deemed to be PII sensitive, and COMPANY management thereof:

  • COMPANY is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged CUSTOMER ID cards or badges.
  • All customer PII data files must be encrypted before submission, or uploaded to the ShareFile or Veonics Portal site if non-encrypted.
  • COMPANY will not retain any high-risk personally identifiable information (PII) after a print job.
  • Upon request, COMPANY will delete all PII and certify in writing.
  • If a print job for a CUSTOMER badge does not require any high-risk Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and such high-risk PII is supplied by CUSTOMER with other relevant data for the badge, then COMPANY will delete all high-risk PII data either before importing it or when saving it to a local computer hard drive.

COMPANY Security and PII Disclosure:

  • Veonics Portal Cybersecurity
    • Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is SOC2-compliant
    • Created/Managed by CISSP and AWS-certified software engineers
    • Data (RDS) and Photo (S3) servers encrypted; at rest and in transit
    • Vulnerability and pen tested quarterly/annually
  • COMPANY Cybersecurity
    • The on-premise network uses an appliance firewall
    • All computer hardware hardened with encryption at Rest/in-transit and thumb drive blocks/alerts
    • Vulnerability and pen tested quarterly/annually
    • The facility is secured by Door Access and CCTV systems
    • All contracted badge printing services are based in the USA
    • NIST SP 800-171 Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 compliance conformance underway 2023
  • PII Data, Photos, and User Retention Policy
    • Obliterated between 30 and 60 calendar days from COMPANY print date for all CUSTOMER contracted print jobs
    • Retained after COMPANY print date with active CUSTOMER Veonics Portal Users
    • Obliterated after 30 and 60 calendar days from CUSTOMER Veonics Portal license/user expiration
    • Users are inactivated after between 90 and 120 calendar days from their last login
    • Shreds all errors and rejected contracted badge print waste
    • Additional retention information can be found here
  • COMPANY Employees
    • Are trained in PII Cybersecurity best practices
    • Pass background checks with monthly alert notifications
    • Pass cybersecurity social engineering certification courseware
  • COMPANY Insurance Coverage
    • E&O $2M, GL; $2M/$1M
    • Workman Compensation Insurance compliant for on-site workers

Common Order Rejections Causes:

COMPANY has published procedures for all CUSTOMERS who submit badge print requests. CUSTOMER personnel who do not follow COMPANY stated procedures are subject to rejection. COMPANY rejected orders may affect any confirmed “must have by” date, potentially causing delays.

Veonics Portal Rejections Causes:

  • Photos and/or Data not approved in the Veonics Portal
  • Veonics Portal approved records missing photos