Custom Printed Name Tags from eXpress badging®

Our badge printing experts create the perfect name tags for any industry, complete with the employee or volunteer’s name and your company’s logo professionally printed onto a sturdy and wearable tag. Well-made and long-lasting custom printed name name tags from eXpress badging are constructed from rigid plastic and backed by powerful magnets designed to help them stay put while on the job. Not only do our custom printed name tags look crisp and polished, they also substantially cut down on damage to uniforms and work clothes when compared to traditional pin-backed name tags. Order your Custom Printed Name Tag today!

Reasons to Select eXpress badging for Custom Name Tag Printing

Since its inception in 1993, our badge issuance enterprise continues to operate with one thing in mind, providing effective ID product solutions with the customer in mind. Our highly-trained Identification Specialists have helped small businesses to fortune 500 companies secure IDs and name tags to suit their specifications and needs in the decades to follow. With an unmatched amount of badge printing experience at over one million badges printed, eXpress badging knows how to get your name tags printed correctly and have them delivered on time (usually within two business days).

How to Place an Order for Our Printed Magnetic Name Tags

At eXpress badging heavy-duty magnetic name tags are not hard to order. To place an order for name tags for small and medium-sized businesses, you can use our online order process, and We Print services. For orders larger than a 500 count, call us at 800-909-8602 or email us at for a price quote and estimation for production time. The Identification Specialists at eXpress badging are pleased to assist you in providing name tag solutions and answer any questions you have about our name badge services.