Custom Printed ID Cards for PVC Card Printers

Custom printed ID stock is not one size fits all process. Specifications and requirements for each type of identification card are based on client needs and their unique industry standards. We present a complete line of today’s card media and technology options to choose from to meet your exact requirements. eXpress badging® is proud to offer custom printed ID card and PVC card printer options.

Whether you are looking for custom-printed stock designed to work in your PVC card printers, or you need a batch of generic information cards or event badges, an eXpress badging ID Specialist can guide you to the perfect solution. Ask us today about our custom printed ID card and PVC card Printer options today.

Customizing Printed IDs via Card Stock at eXpress badging

Not all IDs are created equal. Quality, appearance, and card stock materials (the blank material onto which an ID is printed) vary greatly and therefore provide different benefits and fulfill specific specs. Take a look at all the types of card stock available to you when you shop IDs with eXpress badging:

  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

  • Composite materials

  • Laminated or not laminated

  • Embedded Security Seals

  • Infra-red and Micro Printing

  • RFID (radio frequency ID)

  • Proximity (prox) RFID

  • Contactless Smart RFID
  • Magnetic strip

  • Adhesive Overlay

  • Barcode

  • Barcode Masking

  • Colors and Metallics

  • Slot punch

Visual impact, durability, wearability, and technology come into play when choosing to customize your card stock selection. Are your issuers using the badges indoors or outdoors, for long-term stints, with lanyards and badge holders, or without them? All of these situational environments impact the kind of ID card stock that’s best for your needs.

eXpress badging- the Premiere Custom ID Card Printing Experts

Take the guesswork out of printing your badges by outsourcing your ID badge issuance needs to the experts using our We Print system. With over a million IDs printed for our clients, eXpress badging creates right-fit identification badges using the custom card stock you choose.

When you need the ID card personalized with data only we can make it more personal. For the ultimate in personal identification, a photo ID card or badge can be produced for you, or we can provide a complete system to print onsite.