ID Badge System Support

eXpress badging™ is an authorized dealer of all ID product lines provided. We aim to make our services as user-friendly as possible and encourage customers to contact us for any badge system-related support or repair issue.

Our team of experts makes it a priority to resolve all inquiries within the first call. However, if the problem persists, we will continue to work toward a solution in a professional and timely manner per terms of warranty and extended support agreements.

Support Agreements

Technical Support Plan

The eXpress badging™ technical support plan lasts one year from the date of invoice, meaning eXpress badging™ will act as your support department for any badge system-related issue at no additional cost. After one year, you can extend the Technical Support Plan by purchasing an Extended Support Agreement (ESA).

Support Agreements

Extended Support Agreement (ESA)

eXpress badging™ has supported numerous badging production systems since 1993. The ESA allows users to take advantage of our expertly trained staff and reduces system downtimes for troubleshoots and repairs.

ESA Includes:

  • Web-based PC remote-in technical support
  • Phone and email-based technical support
  • Priority support response within four business hours
  • We provide remote limited training for new users
  • Remote assistance in badge template creation and edits
  • Remote assistance in moving the badging system to new computer hardware
  • Troubleshooting and resolution management for needed repairs
  • Discounts on upgrades and off-warranty repairs

ID Badge Support Process

We make it our goal to provide quick and accessible technical support so that you can get back to what you do best. If you’re experiencing an issue with your badge software or printer, call or email us immediately. Depending on the problem, our trained technicians will provide assistance over the phone or by remotely accessing and servicing your PC.

Remote Into PC Terms and Conditions

Badge Printer Support

For printer-related calls, please have your printer serial number, make, and model ready. If our support staff cannot fix the problem, we will generate an RMA for repair. There will be no charge for repair parts, labor, or return-from-service center shipping for customers who have a printer warranty. They will only be responsible for shipping costs to get the printer to the manufacturer. If you are not under a printer warranty but have an active eXpress badging™ ESA, you will receive a discounted rate for repair evaluation. Otherwise, you will pay full price for the repair evaluation and be responsible for all associated costs.

Printer repair costs will be generated at the time we provide estimates. If the repair costs do not exceed the estimate, we will complete the repair, return the printer, and apply the invoiced payment. If repair costs exceed the estimated value, we require customer approval to proceed. If the customer denies the printer repairs, the printer evaluation charge is due in full, along with the return shipping costs of the non-repaired printer. All printers requested not to be returned by customers will immediately be destroyed.

In some cases, a loaner program will cover the printer per warranty or extended support terms. While we repair the printer, per the agreement, we’ll send you a loaner printer. Our support team will remotely assist in the loaner printer’s setup and the repaired printer’s setup once it’s returned. After, eXpress badging™ will provide directions for the return of the loaner printer.

Printer Warranty Guidelines

  • Most PVC badge printers come with a two-year warranty covering parts, labor, and return from factory shipping.

  • Most PVC badge printers come with a loaner printer service during the first year.

  • All printer warranty periods begin on the invoice date of the printer.

  • Unless they are allowed to expire, you can extend the printer warranty and loaner.

  • Printhead warranties are limited and typically expire after one year.

eXpress badging™ offers extended parts and labor warranties (ESA) for certain printer models.

  • This ESA is not a manufacturer warranty.

  • Cover repair parts, labor, and shared shipping.

  • If this warranty is purchased while the printer is covered under a manufacturer warranty, it will begin the day after the manufacturer warranty expires.

  • If the printer is off of manufacturer warranty, the eXpress badging™ warranty will go into effect upon receipt of payment for the extended warranty.

  • Hardware shipped outside of the 48 contiguous United States may have alternate warranty provisions set forth by the manufacturer. Please consult the manufacturer’s documentation enclosed with your shipment.

  • Limited technical support will be provided to customers not under a warranty or ESA. For further assistance, the purchase of an ESA will be required.

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