Custom Printed Badge Holders

When it comes to purchasing a batch of ID badges, including the proper badge holders is essential to complete the process. At eXpress badging®, we provide a wide range of badge holders, including lanyards, holders, strap clips, retractable reels, and so much more!

Badge Holder Basics & Accessories

Choosing the correct badge holder will reduce common problems like:

  • Badge flipping to the backside of the ID card
  • Slot punch area breaking
  • Badge hanging too low
  • Badge image transfers
  • Overall difficulty in badge display

Wear your badge in style with our custom-printed ID badge holders and accessories including: 

  • Badge Lanyards
  • Badge Holders
  • Strap Clips
  • Retractable Reels
  • Other Accessories

Our custom ID badge holders at eXpress badging offer a high-quality selection of protective products that will appropriately display and extend the life of ID cards. You can choose between various magnetic ID badges, ID badge holders, and ID badge clips. We provide wholesale quantity discounts for large orders.

For any questions regarding custom printed badge holders at eXpress badging, feel free to contact us today!

ID Badge Holder and Accessories Tips

  • Never order a badge without a safety breakaway lanyard to prevent personal injury
  • Choose a wide plastic hook instead of a thin hook to keep the badge facing forward
  • Add a retractable reel to your badge accessories for easy scanning access
  • Badge holders are multi-use accessories that protect the PVC photo ID badge and provide room for multiple badges
  • Specify anti-transfer plastic when ordering clear vinyl plastic holders and pouches
  • Clear vinyl straps last longer than opaque or white strap clips
  • If you don’t want to purchase or replace a badge slotting tool, we recommend trying badge clamps
  • The most secure badge reel is the carabiner-style with a belt hook. Highly worth the value if you are looking for a secure badge reel
  • For maximum RFID badge security, we offer holders that contain RFID shielding protection in many formats
  • Wearing name tags using a strong-magnet attachment prevents pinholes and looks professional