Employee RFID Cards

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eXpressPROX™ ID Card Stock

eXpressPROX RFID Card Stack

eXpressPROX RFID Item Codes and Description:

PEP-C – eXpressPROX composite RFID card

PEP-CM – eXpressPROX composite RFID card with non-encoded HiCo mag stripe

QF-EP-TIC – Non-standard RFID card bit encoding

eXpress badging provides a line of compatible proximity employee RFID cards that work with most access control, time and attendance, tracking, and point-of-sale systems on the market. Our line of eXpressPROX™ card stock is designed for the durable demands of worn photo ID badges that are expected to last many years without the slot breaking. The composite format of our  RFID key card meets all printer manufacturer’s specifications required for lamination. Our eXpressPROX™ RFID cards can be ordered in packs of 50 and we can handle all your ID badge printing needs as a service, including your RFID-powered badge.

Available as key fobs, clamshells, and adhesive pucks.

Supporting most proximity card 125KHz bit formats:

  • 26-bit is the standard proximity card (same as HID’s H10301 format)
  • 32-bit Kantech, HID’s H10320
  • 33-bit F1,F2,F3 D10202 DSX Prox Card format
  • 34-bit Odd or Even Parity, HID’s H10306 Northern Computer, N10002, Honeywell format
  • 35-bit H50040 HID’s Corporate 1000 format
  • 36-bit F1 (SPX1) Simplex format Keyscan, AWID, 36 SIG
  • 36-bit F2 (EPX) Europlex format, International 36-bit format
  • 37-bit CN HID’s H10302 format Long UID (12-digit number)
  • 37-bit F1 FAC + CN HID’s H10304 format AMAG
  • 37 bit F2 Customize 2-Digit Facility + 10-Digit UID (custom)
  • 37-bit F3 (ADV) Customer
  • 40-bit C10106 format CASI Rusco, GE, Security UTC format



Popular IDENTIV RFID Item Codes, Description, and Part Number:

PCI-C70-DP-DF1 – Taglio PIVKey Dual Interface Contact/Contactless on Identiv uTrust Smart Card + Desfire EV1 + Prox – C70-DP-DF1

PCI- 4010XSF – Identiv ISO PVC Proximity Card – 4010XSF


As an authorized IDENTIV partner, eXpress badging provides RFID-powered key card stock for their customer base. If you are looking for replacement employee RFID cards and readers for other systems, you will have come across IDENTIV. They provide solutions that make it easy to migrate and they have a rock-solid reputation in the industry. Our story began with IDENTIV when we solved a customer’s search for a network logic access system to meet the strict demands of federal cybersecurity demands.

Available as PVC cards, key fobs, clamshells, and adhesive pucks.

IDENTIV RFID Credentials for Physical Access Control and Network Logical Access:

  • uTrust Proximity Credentials
  • uTrust MIFARE® Classic Credentials
  • uTrust TS Cards
  • uTrust UHF Credentials
  • uTrust MD Smart Cards

RFID Card Stock Selection and Services

At eXpress badging®, it’s our pleasure to help you select the right RFID card stock for your RFID-enabled system. Our selection of blank or unprinted RFID cards includes 125KHz proximity cards, 13.56MHz contactless smart cards, high-frequency RFID, ultra-high frequency RFID, NFC, and multi-format RFID cards. We also provide HID proximity key fobs and Microprox tags.

HID Corporation RFID Card Stock

HID iClass Card

Popular HID Corp iClass Item Codes, Description, and Part Number

PCF-iC-2000 – HID IClass Standard PVC Card- 2000CGGNB

PCF-iC-2100 – HID IClass Composite PVC Card –  2100PGGMN

PCF-iC-2120 – HID IClass Composite PVC Card Special Programing – 2120BGGMNM

PCF-iC-SEOS-5006 – HID iCLASS Seos Composite PVC Card  – 5006PGGMNT

hid corp rfid cards iclass, seos, and iso prox ii card stock

HID® Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of technology-enabled RFID card stock and readers. You must know your card’s exact part number and other required specifications before placing an order. For over three decades, eXpress badging has been an authorized HID partner and can help you. If this is your first order, we can help you and your system integration vendor select the correct card for the readers they are installing. Considering the possibility you’re using the ID card in other systems, we help with selecting the best card format or combinations of them, so one card can be used in many systems.

HID Corporation has manufactured many card types over the years from proximity to contactless smart card technologies:

HID Proximity 125 KHz Cards, Clamshells, Fobs and Adhesive Pucks

  • ProxCard® II™
  • HID® Indala®

HID Contactless Smart Cards, Clamshells, Fobs and Adhesives Pucks

  • iClass® (Standard)
  • iClass® SE™
  • iClass® Seos®
  • Crescendo®
  • MIFARE® DESFire® EV1
  • FlexSmart™/MIFARE® DESfire® EV1

RFID Badge Design Guidelines

The surfaces of most RFID cards have irregularities that can cause printing issues over the raised chip and antenna areas when using direct-to-card (DTC) PVC printers. To avoid these issues, it is recommended to restrict your badge design and avoid the antenna zone. You can use a mobile phone flashlight to locate the antenna zone on the card. It is also suggested to use reverse-transfer printers for this purpose and use composite 60/40% formats for extended durability. Laminating the card with a 1MIL patch on each side can provide even more durability.

antenna rfid card

NXP MIFARE® Card Stock

mifare sample graphic card by eXpressbadging

Popular IDENTIV RFID Item Codes, Description, and Part Number:

  • PCB-MF-1K, NXP MIFARE Classic® 1K EV1 Poly Comp cards, printed slot indicators, shrink-wrapped in 100s, MF1S50YYX_
  • PCX-MF-4K, NXP Mifare Classic® 4K EV1 Poly Comp cards, printed slot indicators, shrink-wrapped in 100s, MF1S50YYX_
  • PCB-MFD-2K, MIFARE® DESFire® EV3 2K CR80, Poly Comp cards, printed slot indicators, shrink-wrapped in 100s, available in MIFARE DESFire Light format.
nxp mifare logo

MIFARE® is the original contactless smart card format compliant with ISO/IEC 14443-A. Most major brands of contactless smart cards and readers are powered by this powerful licensed technology. Our world of photo ID-enabled RFID cards, badges, and readers primarily uses their MIFARE Classic® family of products. However, MIFARE® DESFire® is making its way into our reader-controlled ecosystems for its cybersecurity compliance at the highest level. eXpress badging is your card technology guide to the correct product mix. With NXP MIFARE, customers are given the freedom to choose in an open solution channel.

MIFARE® Family of RFID Cards

  • MIFARE® DESFire® – Highest Level Cybersecurity
  • MIFARE Plus® EV2 – The next-gen of MIFARE Classic® offering a higher level of cybersecurity
  • MIFARE Classic® EV1 – The common solution for most organizations that is compliant with ISO/IEC 14443 Type-A
  • MIFARE Ultralight®  – Simple format for replacing magstripe, barcode, and QR-code infrastructures where duplication fraud is low risk

Do you know exactly what your RFID specifications are?

Knowing exactly what card technology your organization needs is number four in our Eighth Step of the Discovery journey. Your card box or packaging label should contain the information needed for repeat orders.  If ordering for the first time, you should ensure the format is not vendor-specific.  Manufacturer-specific is OK, as few open formats are on the market today.  Check with other card reader systems within your ecosystem to configure with either the same technology, or have a combination of them so one card works in them all.

RFID label by eXpressbadging

Allegion® Schlage® RFID Card Stock

schlage rfid cards

Popular Schlage RFID Item Codes, Description, and Part Number:

  • 7410 clamshell cards
  • 7510 ISO glossy white composite PVC cards (with and without magnetic stipe)
  • 7610 Standard keyfob
  • 7610T Thin Keyfob
  • 7010 PVC Adhesive disc

Limited lifetime Warranty – Credentials have a lifetime warranty against manufacturers’ defects. See SCHLAGE sales policy for complete warranty details.

schlage access control systems id cards and badges

A global leader in physical door access cards and readers, Schlage has a complete card line covering 125 kHz proximity and 13.56 MHz contactless smart frequencies. eXpress badging understands the complexities of ordering cards for new systems or ordering additional cards from a reliable channel that does it correctly the first time.

Schlage RFID Cards, also known as the acquired brands XceedID  and AptiQ

  • 125 kHz Proximity Credentials
  • Schlage 13.56 MHz MIFARE Classic® Smart Credentials
  • Schlage 13.56 MHz MIFARE® DESFire® Smart Credentials
  • 125 kHz Proximity + MIFARE Classic®
  • 125 kHz Proximity + MIFARE® DESFire®

Why would you laminate RFID Photo ID badges?

If you’re looking for durable Photo ID badges with embedded RFID technology, eXpress badging suggests using composite card stock of 60% PVC and 40% Polyester. To ensure longevity, it is recommended that you duplex laminate the badge with a 1MIL laminate using your PVC badge printer. This will help protect the badge from wear and tear, ensuring it lasts much longer. When We Print for You, these two features make up our DURAbadge format, where we guarantee your badge lasts a minimum of two years. Lamination is essential if your ID badges have a magnetic stripe or barcode to avoid damage from swiping.


Keri Systems RFID Card Stock

keri rfid cards

Popular Keri Systems RFID Description and Part Number:

  • Light prox cards: NXT-C and KC10X/KC-26X
  • Multi-tech cards: NXT-I & S and MT-10X/MT-26X
  • Proximity key fob: NXT-K and PKT-10X/PKT-26X
  • Adhesive prox patch: NXT-AP and AP-10X
keri access control supplies, card rfid stock, id badges

A manufacturer of physical access control solutions that manage the physical security of doors and gates. They also manufacture their line of cards, key fobs, and adhesive patches that work in their readers. Keri also has solutions that are HID® and Fairpointe® compatible. eXpress badging® can configure your photo ID badges with Keri-powered credentials.

Keri Systems RFID Credentials

  • Keri NXT Credentials
  • Keri MS Credentials

Let eXpress badging rebadge your next technology ID card upgrade!

eXpress badging® uses an eight-step process to ensure accurate and timely first-time issuance. Our issuance experts work with your team from project discovery, and design, to job build and printing, and then issuance and badge enablement in all systems.

8 Steps of Discovery

  1. Data
  2. Photo
  3. Technology
  4. Design
  5. Printing
  6. Issuance
  7. Enablement
  8. Verification
8 steps to discovery for rebadging