Personalized Name Badge Printing

Here at eXpress badging®, we offer various non-photo personalized name badge printing packages tailored for businesses of any size. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, our personalized ID card printing system fits all your ID badge and name tag needs. Additionally, eXpress badging provides comprehensive solutions for personalized ID card printing.

Consider eXpress badging for:

Name Badges, Name Tags and ID Badges

First and foremost, you can wear an ID badge without a photo using a variety of badge holders, including a strap clip, badge lanyard, or plastic holder. Furthermore, these options ensure convenience and flexibility.

Magnetic Badges

Similarly, we affix a strong magnetic bar set to the back of a name tag or badge, holding the ID badge securely in place without damaging clothes like a badge pin. Consequently, this method offers a seamless and professional appearance.

Membership ID Cards

Moreover, you can keep a non-photo ID card in your wallet or purse for easy access. This option is ideal for members who prefer to carry their IDs discreetly.

Personalized Event ID Badges

Finally, enhance your next event with a souvenir-quality plastic event ID badge, making it stand out from the rest. As a result, your event will have a unique and memorable touch.

By choosing eXpress badging, you ensure your ID badge needs are met with quality and professionalism.

Personalized ID card printing Orders

The team at eXpress badging understands that different customers require different needs, sizes, and designs when it comes to ordering a batch of printed ID cards.

We offer a batch badging service designed so you can process an order in a single, one-time batch. This is useful for a quick and efficient order process or simply for re-orders, re-branding, or any other technology changes that come about.

We also offer a prepaid badging system created so that you can process a batch of ID cards for ongoing issues such as single badge orders. To utilize this service, purchase the Prepaid Badging™ credit, requesting ID badges as needed.

Making Name Badges and ID Cards Stand Out!

Our personalized ID badge printing service includes a phone consultation with one of our expert representatives to help guide you through our eight-step discovery and ID badge design process. We want to ensure that you are informed about the design, specs, and technology that will go into your custom ID badge order!

Before order completion, we conveniently send you an ID card proof and technology cards so that you can physically see and test what you are ordering and what the final product will look like.

You can learn more about the ID badge services and process by completing a Contact Us request form.

eight steps of id badge issuance