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IDP SMART ID Card Printers

About IDP SMART ID Card Printers:

IDP Corporation, an industry leader, is dedicated to advancing photo identification issuance processes by developing IDP SMART ID card printers and encoders with diverse and innovative technology.  IDP has been developing and manufacturing Identification card printers since 2005 and is a subsidiary of IDIS Corporation, a global leader in security CCTV technology.

IDP differentiates itself by providing high-quality products manufactured with ISO 9001-certified processes and state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical, and software technologies backed by superior technical support and warranties.

The SMART and WISE printers offer excellent color reproduction and high-security laminates and support the industry’s latest smart card reading and encoding. All IDP’s printers offer options for encoding and reading of contact, contactless, and magnetic stripe technology cards.

Well suited to many industries, including healthcare, hospitality, and government, IDP’s printers are used for employee badges, student IDs, payment cards, access control cards, leisure membership cards, customer loyalty cards, and more.

IDP aims to make plastic card printing widely available and affordable to all types and sizes of business users by offering simple, on-demand, and customized printing solutions.

IDP Americas Warranty Summary

Please read the full details in IDP’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Covered by IDP’s Advanced Replacement Warranty!

If eXpress badging cannot get your printer functional within an hour or so of troubleshooting, we open a support ticket with IDP Americas directly.  Some tickets may require further troubleshooting from IDP and/or our tech. Others may not, and eXpress badging can manage and coordinate the shipment of the IDP Replacement Warranty Printer(RWP) within a business day or two.  Once the RWP arrives and is removed from the box, you place the non-functional printer in the same box for return. The customer pays for shipping both ways. The IDP support ticket is closed once the RWP is received.

Standard Warranty

SMART-31, 51, 81  / SOLID-310, 510, 810

The warranty covers printers, print heads up to 20,000 prints, laminators, encoders, parts, and labor for three years. Advance Replacement above may apply.  Note – SMART-81 offers a lifetime print head warranty.

SMART-Bit, SMART-21, and SOLID-210

The warranty covers parts and labor for one year.  IDP will NOT warranty damage caused by non-specified film shredding.   Depot warranty procedures apply.


The warranty covers printers, laminators, encoders, parts, and labor for a period of three years.  The warranty also covers the thermal print head for a period of two years with unlimited prints (unless excessive replacement occurs). Depot warranty procedures apply.


All ink ribbons and laminate products are warranted for one year.  Warranty is voided if products are not stored in the following conditions:  65 (10°C) to 75°F (23°C) and 45 to 50% relative humidity. Depot warranty procedures apply.