Frequently Asked Questions

How do you securely submit your photos and data?

We offer two methods; you can log in to our secure Veonics Portal® cloud-based badging software and enter/import your data, upload photos, then post your order to be printed, or you can drop your files in our secured file drop zone, and we will do all the work for you. For large orders of hundreds/thousands of badges, we will work with your dB administrators for the most secure and best method using our defined enterprise rebadging process.

Can we see a sample of our badge before you start printing?

We have a formal proof process where you’ll see your design(s) via a badge preview hyperlink, a scanned printed badge proof PDF, or a shipped sample, depending on the setup services purchased that must be approved before we print the first live badge.

How do we know your badges will work in our card reader system?

We have a formal card technology testing process, where cards are shipped to you for testing in each system for approval before printing begins.

Can we use our existing proprietary stock?

Yes, if your cardstock must be purchased through a restricted channel, we will print on provided stock for an additional fee. They must be new in the box and never issued. We suggest that you do not procure any new stock until you consult with your eXpress badging ID Specialist, as we may be able to provide them as part of our engagement.

How do we protect the barcode from wearing off and the slot area from breaking?

We offer a DURAbadge™ feature where the PVC badge is laminated with a one-millimeter overlaminate on each side that protects the badge from surface wear, image fading, and badge cracks. We guarantee it for two years!

We have our design completed, are we required to use your badge templates?

The simple answer is no. eXpress badging has the expertise to design a secured badge from scratch correctly; we can also take direction from your design team and provided template files. Please visit our Badge Design Center for details.

Can you sort the badges and ship to multiple locations?

Include the sort fields in your badge data like “department” and “location.” Using our “Sort, Bundle, Pack and Ship” service, badges are sorted by department, last, then first, banded and placed in a 9″ x 12″ baggie with a packing slip of the badges included. Otherwise, we print in the order the data is provided.

How do we know what badge numbers are assigned to each person?

Using our “Read and Post” service, we will include the RFID number in an importable format and on our printed packing slip, so you’ll know who was assigned the unique card number for easy entry into your systems. “Read and Post” eliminates touching each card for number enrollment. We can also “Clone” some 125KHz proximity cards so the numbers are the same as their current badges, so you only have to swap the badges, and they’re already enabled.

How quickly can we receive the badges?

We can print and ship your badges within two to three business days after you approve the proof and test samples and have provided the badge data and photos in a state ready for printing. Proofing and testing can be as short as two to three business days; your data and photos are typically uploaded and ready before proof approval.

We can not wait five business days for ongoing badges to show up in the mail because they are used to open doors and at time clocks. What options do we have?

Most of our badging service customers use technology-enabled badges and use numbered temporary interim badges for new hires and lost badges until the new badge arrives. We can provide the same for contractors, vendors, and volunteers. Interim badges take the rush out of the model altogether!

When is it best for us to print onsite, versus you to print for us?

That’s a tough one to answer without a discovery conversation. If you are required to issue a live photo ID badge upon hire/enrollment, then you’ll need a system, a defined issuance process, and the technical staff to manage it forever. Using a contracted ID badge printing service will be cost-effective for most projects needing an initial batch of 1000 badges or less and where only 200 ongoing badges are needed per year. Many of our customers have thousands of employees and contract it all to us, so they do not have to. It’s best to call us and discuss your needs with an ID Specialist.

How fast can we receive our badging system?

Most badge systems will ship within one to two business days.

How do you handle training and support?

We will schedule a remote into PC session using our GotoAssist™ access tools to assist your onsite person with setup and training which should not be more than two hours for a simple system. We are also available for support afterward when issues arise, and they will.

How do we enroll badges to be printed by more than one person, or possible multiple locations?

When using our Cloud-Based Badging™ solution, we do not restrict web access by the user, only by the number of locations where you have printers. So as long as you’re printing the badges centrally, you’ll have one annual license.

How do we print on the back of the badge?

Make sure you select a printer that duplex prints or order preprinted stock with the back printed. You can always use a single-sided printer and run the cards through twice. However, it’s just not as efficient.

How can we make the badge last for many years?

You can purchase a printer with a laminator module, or you’ll have to place your badges in protective badge holders. We suggest lamination if your budget can justify it.

What happens when our printer breaks and can not be fixed remotely?

Most printers come with a loaner and advanced replacement programs from one to three years and can be extended to five years in some cases. A recommended upgrade! As long as you maintain an eXpress badging Extended Support Contract or a Cloud-Based Badging™ account, you call us, and we manage the warranty issue for you. For printers out of warranty and support, you call us, and we’ll get the printer repaired as quickly as possible. You can plan to be down for five to ten business days without a loaner option.

How long does a printer last?

Badge printers can last from a couple of years to over five years; longer if you’re the person or team that takes care of things.