When healthcare companies decide how to produce photo ID badges, they often face a choice between in-house printing or outsourcing badge printing to a specialized third-party company like eXpress badging®. In this article, we’ll explore common questions healthcare companies might have about this decision and provide insights to help you make an informed choice.

1. What are the advantages of in-house badge printing?

In-house badge printing enables immediate issuance of ID badges for new hires, and replacement badges at an onsite printing station. Local ID management systems also offer greater control over template design edits, data security, and quality control. Printing badges at your physical location proves advantageous when issuance demand is high. Moreover, keeping ID badge printing local can save costs for organizations with multiple smaller-scale locations, as the initial investment in a centralized ID management system might be lower than the long-term expenses of outsourcing.

2. What are the potential challenges of in-house badge printing?

Maintaining trained staff to manage technical requirements like software, printers, card technologies, and cybersecurity concerns is a major issue. Creating replicable processes is vital for a successful ID badge issuance office to optimize these concerns. Badge printers inevitably break down, and supplies run out at inconvenient times. With the increasing cost of blank RFID card stock, print errors can strain budgets and overwhelm badge production staff. Maintaining high badge printing standards and security measures proves difficult without dedicated expertise. Time is a precious commodity when managing a healthcare workforce, especially as remote work increases. In-house printing can become expensive for managing new hires and replacement badges due to the time and resources needed for the entire process.

3. How can outsourcing badge printing benefit healthcare companies?

Firstly, an expert ID badge printing company like eXpress badging® brings valuable knowledge to the table, having printed and issued hundreds of thousands of photo ID badges with various card technologies to numerous organizations annually, accurately from the start. Security is another advantage. Photo ID badges aren’t just office supplies; they are low-cost security tools that enhance safety when used correctly. Another reason to consider outsourcing ID issuance management is time. Factoring in labor costs and associated expenses, outsourcing all badge printing, or at least during large batch reprints, can bolster an organization’s bottom line. The question is: Do you have a thorough understanding of your organization’s finances?

When creating and managing a photo ID badge printing program, consider advanced card security features like buddy badges, security seals, guilloche patterns, infrared inks, and micro text. Enhanced card technology features like dual contactless RFID cards, virtual ID badges accessed by QR-code barcodes, and mobile credentials can also be crucial. Outsourcing ID badge issuance can free up internal resources, allowing healthcare companies to focus on core operations.

4. Are there potential downsides to outsourcing badge printing?

Outsourcing can be a luxury if an organization has a well-functioning internal ID badge printing office with trained staff that’s self-sufficient. Building trust and addressing security concerns is challenging. Finding and vetting a vendor specializing in contracted ID card printing with a proven success model can be overwhelming. Once their badge printing capabilities are vetted, can they pass your organization’s cybersecurity screening?

One issue to address is the ability to issue badges on demand versus waiting for shipping. This can be overcome using interim badges, assigning one as needed while the permanent badge is in process. If interim badges or waiting for the permanent badge doesn’t align with your organization’s needs, an in-house badging model is justified.

5. How do security and compliance factor into the decision?

Healthcare companies handle sensitive patient information governed by HIPPA. While HIPPA doesn’t cover employee photo ID badge data and photos, these items demand high PII compliance due to cybersecurity concerns. Reputable outsourced badge printing businesses understand how to implement security measures that lower the risk of fraudulent data access. Professionals who comprehend the legal requirements can enhance the management of industry regulations such as HIPPA and NIST.

6. What about customization and personalization of badges?

Badge security is paramount. When designing an in-house badge, consulting internal security specialists and trusted identification vendors is recommended. Badge designs depend on software for data, photos, and templates, as well as printer specifications and card stock. Outsourced badge printing requires addressing numerous discovery questions, leading to a secure and efficient badge design.

7. How can we ensure badges work with all card reader systems?

Regardless of in-house or outsourced badge printing, testing is crucial. Documenting all systems using each enabled badge and the associated card technology helps. Test samples are printed and provided for each system before badge production starts. Everything must work correctly before badge printing begins.

8. How does scalability play a role in this decision?

Assuming your badge printing office runs efficiently, the process should scale by adding systems or providing centralized issuance to remote locations. The cost-effectiveness of this model for ongoing new and reissued badges is a concern as it can become really expensive. Two outsourcing options: complete outsourcing or outsourcing during high-demand periods like new hire onboarding or rebranding. Scalability is vital for determining whether to keep it in-house. Outsourcing offers scalability without straining resources and budgets.

Discover Printing ID badges In-house vs. Outsourcing: Your Next Step

Efficient in-house badge printing requires trained teams and optimized processes, while outsourcing should be a short-term resource or a complete replacement when justified. Choose a vendor that offers decades of experience in securely issuing millions of employee ID badges worldwide. The decision depends on your healthcare company’s unique needs and priorities. Evaluating these factors will guide you to the best choice for badge printing. For an evaluation of your processes and the most efficient Photo ID Badge Printing Solution for your organization, schedule a call with an eXpress badging ID Specialist by clicking HERE.