eXpress badging introduced the industry’s first 100% securely hosted photo identification management system back in 2016; we call our Veonics Portal™.
The portal offers unique features like:

  • Does not require any local software other than a standard internet browser. Further allowing multiple users to share a single license per print location.
  • It is very secure and offers the ability to integrate with an organization’s source SIS and HRIS database.
  • The Portal has a built-in Veonics Portal CELLfie™ feature allowing users to batch or single record request photos from faculty, staff, and students for new-capture, photo rejects, or updates of old photos. Upon creation of a badge record, a mobile-friendly Veonics Virtual ID Badge™ URL, that matches the printed badge, can be emailed to the card-user showing its current state: Pending, Approved, Re-issued, Stolen, or Lost along with other relevant ID card data.
  • The Portal’s badge design module uses logic statements to manage multiple badge templates. Logic statements auto-select the correct design when printing to your favorite on-premise PVC badge printer or visitor ID printer. If your print job is too large, stressing your resources, then queue your job to eXpress badging. Our staff will access your print queue, print, and return your badges in a matter of a day or two.

Cloud Based Badging™ is quickly becoming the new security standard in the creation of photo ID badges for professional organizations. This new process provides all the features and benefits of traditional standard desktop ID card software printing needs, with the added benefits of the cloud and shared printing by eXpress badging’s™ contracted printing department.

For more information on our Veonics Portal™ Call 1-800-909-8602 and ask for our Veonics Portal™ Cloud Based Badging™ Specialist or click here to learn more.