When a large organization is preparing for a photo ID badging project, they often think of the start of project factors such as buying the camera and ID card printer, gathering employee data, taking the photos, choosing the right technology and printing the badges. However, one important factor that often gets overlooked is the final step in the badge project process, which is getting the physical photo ID badges into the employee’s hands.

Issuing photo ID badges to a hundred or thousand plus person organization is a task that can require hard work but more importantly it will require a detailed strategy for your organization to get it done correctly and on time. Some topics your organization may want to start thinking about are: Who needs to get the badges first? Are there multiple locations receiving badges? Are the systems in place for the card technology to be activated as the company prints or receives their badges? Once you’ve answered these questions you can determine the following:

  • Sort order
  • Who will hand the badges out
  • How will those people hand them out

Options of sort order for your badges include sorting by department, location, first name, last name, etc. Department is a good sort order choice because you can call the department managers in to get the badges and distribute them from there. The managers can then hand them out individually in a small environment or in a large environment they can set up a time to have employees pick up the badge at a central location such as a cafeteria. Mailing the cards directly to employee’s residence is also an option which can especially be ideal for remote workers. One last thing to consider in the badge issuance process is if your company is replacing old badges you should require employee’s to turn in their previous badge that way no employee has 2 badges.

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