Perfect ID™ Partner Program

Our mission is to solve the complex issues surrounding photo ID badge issuance…for your customers!

We offer an issue-solving and profit-building recurring revenue program that addresses comprehensive photo ID solutions and related issues leveraging our ID experts for your customers.

Perfect ID™ covers everything: services, systems, and supplies!

  • Hosted ID Management Software
  • Remote Photo Capture
  • Veonics Virtual ID™ Cards
  • Badge Printers & Supplies
  • Technical Support Services
  • Installation and Training Services
  • ID Badge Design Services
  • RFID and Mag-Stripe Card Stock
  • Card Technology Testing Services
  • Custom Printed Card Stock
  • Custom Buddy Badges
  • Cameras & Backdrops
  • Badge Holders
  • Slot Punches
  • Badge Printing Services
  • Proximity Card Cloning
  • RFID Number Capture
  • Enterprize Badging Consulting

eXpress badging™ designed our Perfect ID™ program for your customers looking for a single identification vendor offering an extreme customer experience in photo ID management. We have a discovery process to ensure your customer’s identification solution is a perfect fit. Most of our solutions require a combination of services, systems, and supplies, and we offer two delivery models: We Print and You Print.

We Print photo ID badges for your customers as a service. The best scenario ever! eXpress badging eliminates their need for ID badge printing forever, letting us do all the heavy lifting. Using our Perfect ID™ We Print process, let us print and issue their photo ID badges while they do what they do best. We even print and ship a single badge request as needed. We have the Perfect ID™ issuance process!

Or, your customers can use our You Print model to print badges onsite using our provided ID system. Then, they rely on our eXpress badging team of ID experts to provide ongoing support and customer service.

There is also a blended option; using our We Print model, we can print and issue the initial and ongoing large batches of ID badges as they pop up, and then they print all of the day-to-day issued ID badges.

Our Perfect ID™ team of ID experts is here to assist you in qualifying you next deal or project! We are experts in ID card technology too! Call us, email us, or complete our information request form and learn more.

Recurring Referral Program:

  • Partners generate and register referrals via our Referral Hub
  • eXpress badging qualifies and engages the referral, then directly services the customers
  • Perfect ID™ Referring Partners receives a recurring income stream for all registered and qualified referrals