Hi, I’m Luke French

Best Ways to Contact Me

#1 Fastest Way to Connect? Call Direct 321-784-5925 x 116

#2 Short on Time? Email me

Thanks for visiting my contact page.

As a Photo ID Specialist, I help customers who need badges printed for them, ranging from 1-250 badges that don’t require card-based technologies.  Also, you can call on me to help with any of the following:

  1. Uncover issues surrounding your ID card issuance project.
  2. Share best practices and any issues regarding your photo ID badge design.
  3. Review the Eight Steps of Discovery Journey from start to finish.
  4. Address how your photo ID will be displayed and worn within your environment
  5. Purchasing badge accessories

More About Luke

I studied Finance and Economics at the University of North Florida and have been a dedicated team member of eXpress badging since February 2023.

I specialize in photo ID badge orders ranging from 1-250 and projects requiring a quick turnaround, which do not require card-based technologies.

Personally, I spend my off time chasing waves up and down the east coast of Florida, golfing, riding motocross, and traveling.

Some of my personality traits include the following:

  • Detail oriented
  • Communication
  • Ambition to succeed

We offer many services here at eXpress badging, but the service we are most proud of is our customer service. Our goal is to help you correctly meet and exceed your badging project needs the first time.

Here is a little run down on our process and next steps if you decide to go with us. This is just a basic summary of our approach, and I will let you know if any of these processes change because of your specific needs.

  1. The first step would be for you to sign and send me back the proposal I sent you.
  2. Then the following step is for you to provide your artwork in a high-resolution (600 DPI) JPG or PNG file with whichever template you choose(unless you already have a design).
  3. We will then start the design process, which usually takes 1-3 business days; during this process, we will send you links to view a virtual copy of your badge design, which you will be able to ask us to change your badge design around till you approve a final draft.
  4. After we get your badge designed precisely how you want it, we will send you a proof form for you to sign.
  5. Once the formal proof form is signed, any changes to the badge will accrue a design change fee.