“Why would I choose eXpress badging® Prepaid Badging™ credits?”

Prepaid badging credits by eXpress badging are an efficient way to manage your badge printing needs while optimizing costs. With this outsourced badge-printing solution, your organization will take advantage of volume discounts, thus saving your company hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your employee ID card issuing model. Purchasing your anticipated quantity of badges all at once, instead of buying batches at a lower quantity price tier, is just another way that eXpress badging is dedicated to saving you money and eliminating the hassle of printing your own badges. To maximize savings, assessing your requirements and choosing the right prepaid package is important.

“How do I use my Prepaid Badging credits?”

When your organization is ready to order more badges, there are two ways you can request more badges:

The first way is through our Upload Center on eXpressbadging.com. You only need to submit a spreadsheet containing the column headers for each field on your badges. For example, First name, Last name, and job title. List the actual badge data below each column and submit it to our production department to immediately get to work on your new badges.

The second way to order badges using your Prepaid Badging credits is through our Cloud-based badging software called Veonics Portal®. By logging in with your username and password, you can enter the employee data and photos into the record directly within your company’s account and then Post the print job straight to our badge production team for printing.

Planning and submitting badge requests in batches can also help reduce processing fees. Regularly reviewing your badge usage ensures you’re organization utilizes the credits effectively. To optimize frequencies of shipments, simply order badge credits and ship credits. Our badge production team prints and ships as requested, and when either credits require replenishing additional credits are purchased. By implementing these strategies, you can save money while efficiently managing your badging needs through eXpress badging’s prepaid system.