eXpress badging recently released a brand-new video on our Cloud Based Badging™ hosted badging solution the VEONICS Portal™.Today security is not only crucial, but required when working with personal information. With benefits like centralized efficiency, cybersecurity, and optimized operating cost there is no surprise why our customers adore the features the cloud offers. The VEONICS Portal™ also offers features like:

Secure Browser-based Photo ID Management

  • Securely access your photo ID badge system from any desktop or mobile device that has internet access and you can print to your local printer as needed. No more software to manage!

Powerful Photo Capture Tools

  • Our robust features include live photo capture, uploading of stored files, mass importing and auto-cropping of photos to your set standards and specifications. You can batch import your data and photos using our import wizard that will automatically link the record to the associated photo. Our Veonics CELLfie™ email request tool takes the hassle out of remote capture.

Easy to use Veonics Badge Designer™

  • Gives you the ability to build and print the most complex of custom badge designs using your uploaded graphics. Badge elements are automatically displayed, or not, using logic statements based on associated badge record’s data. One template, many designs!

ID Badge Printing with your Printer

  • Print photo ID badges using your existing PVC badge printer, or a newest upgraded version. Easily print a single badge or a group of selected badges. You can send print jobs to a local printer or even a printer at another location. Simple to use and very secure.

Scalable Platform

  • For the most simple of badging needs, to those who have very complex requirements requiring multiple designs, data integration, tech-card issuance, and enablement.

Virtual ID Issuance

  • Immediate issuance of a virtual ID badge while remote users are waiting on their physical badge to arrive, or if there is no need to issue a physical badge at all. UPGRADE FEATURE
  • Real-time vetting displaying the virtual badge, its current status and related data using a common barcode scanner or our vID Secured mobile app. UPGRADE FEATURE
  • Roster tracking for quickly knowing who belongs and does not, and records a list of scanned badges for basic reporting needs. Operates on both mobile device and PC kiosk mode. UPGRADE FEATURE.

Integrates with Microsoft SQL

  • Our Veonics Credential Database tool integrates with your source database so manual entry is eliminated. UPGRADE FEATURE

Security First Focus

  • Ensures that your ID management system is secure and protected at all times.

Professional Services

  • Fast track your project using our team of skilled identity professionals that will configure your system so it is a first-time success and ensures that your team has the available resources for training and support.

For more information on our IDaaS solution Call 800-909-8602 and ask for our Veonics Portal™ Cloud Based Badging™ Specialist or click here to learn more.