Never Leave the Backside of an ID Badge Blank! When issuing a photo ID badge, name tag, membership card, or any card or badge for identity purposes, do not forget the importance of the real estate on the back side of the card. Regardless of your industry or purpose of the ID badge, leaving  the back side blank is equivalent to leaving a billboard blank on a busy highway; it gets looked at a lot, but delivers no message! What message would add value to your organization?

  1. Mission and Vision Statement
  2. Fire/Safety Guidelines
  3. Intercom Codes
  4. Customer Service Tips
  5. Important Contact Information
  6. ID Badge Rules and Regulation
  7. If Found Please Return to:…
  8. Emergency Evacuation Procedures/Map
  9. In Case of a Natural Disaster….


The below information is for examples only, so please copy and edit to meet your needs:


It is important to have a written set of policy and procedures that are either referenced in your employee handbook or at a minimum on the back of the ID badge:

___This badge is the property of ABC Corporation and must be worn at all time while on company premises or representing the company off premises.

___ What to do if you observe anyone on-premise without a worn ID badge: If they’re a known individual, request that they obtain and wear their badge immediately. If they’re an unknown individual, you are to: escort them until they retrieve their badge OR escort them to the front desk/security department OR if a confrontation is non-engage-able, they are to be reported immediately to security. This is a job requirement and failure to report non-compliance may be cause for disciplinary action or termination. Your eyes are our safety!

___Under no circumstances is this ID badge transferable or to be used by any other than to whom it is issued in the company’s security door access or time clock system.

___ If your ID badge is lost, stolen or mutilated, report it immediately to your supervisor or Security Department.

___A replacement ____(of $_____ will be) ____ (maybe) charged.

___If found, please return to: (Full Mailing Address Here)

___ POSTMASTER: Postage Guaranteed –  If found, place in any US Mail Box. (Full Mailing Address Here)


Print this page or copy all and past to your favorite word processor then edit to meet the needs of your organization’s identity policy and procedures guidelines. Remember an ID badge is a SECURITY credential and not an office commodity. Safety and security can be as simple as good observation ONE ID BADGE AT A TIME!

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