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Technical Support

The team at eXpress badging® works to provide full-service technical support to ensure that you are receiving the best services, products, and overall experience with eXpress badging.

eXpress badging offers both on-site and remote computer installation and training services anywhere in the continental United States. ID badge production software and hardware structure require proper planning to make certain the badging environment is productive and efficient. eXpress badging addresses each installation with a proven system that fast-tracks a successful implementation.

For immediate technical support, please call 800-909-8602.

WSA Technical Support Plan

During the first year of use, eXpress badging will be your support department for any badge system-related issues at no additional cost under our Warranty Support Agreement, or WSA. The eXpress badging WSA technical support plan extends one year from the date of invoice and will extend annually. The benefits of our ESA are below.

Extended Support Agreement (ESA)

An ESA from eXpress badging allows you to reap benefits from our factory-trained staff and acquired knowledge base developed from supporting numerous badge production systems since 1993. You can depend on eXpress badging to increase your products’ life cycle through proper training and maintenance practices. Our coverage will also reduce system downtimes when troubleshooting and repairs are required, and we resolve most support calls immediately without the need to call more than once.

ESA Includes:

  • 12 months of eXpress badging remote into PC technical support

  • Priority support response within four business hours

  • Phone and email-based technical support

  • We provide remote into PC basic training for new users

  • Remote into PC assistance in badge template creation and edits

  • Remote into PC assistance in moving the badging system to new computer hardware

  • Troubleshooting and resolution management for needed repairs

  • Discounts on upgrades and off warranty repairs

Authorized Repair Services

It is important to note that we encourage all customers to contact eXpress badging for all badge system-related support and repair issues. We have a high first call resolution success rate, and when repairs or updates are required, we will manage and expedite the entire engagement so you can get back to what you do best.

If the product is under a warranty or an extended support contract, there is no cost. If you are off-warranty or do not have an extended support agreement, eXpress badging will provide a written estimate based on required parts, labor, and shipping.

eXpress badging has affordable support options to get you back up and running quickly. Contact us today to discuss a plan that works best for your organization!

Software and Hardware Warranty

Software purchased from eXpress badging is covered in eXpress badging’s general terms and conditions. Certain manufacturers have various warranties and terms convenient, and we recommend obtaining the current manufacturer’s terms and conditions as needed.

  • HID Global Corporation’s General Warranty and General Sales Policy

  • Jolly Technologies: Software Licensing

  • Jolly Technologies software does not include in their standard warranty terms on product upgrades. They will not provide activation keys if their software is not deactivated correctly for re-installation immediately after the date of purchase.

  • Jolly Technologies software upgrade and support plans are available from eXpress badging and quoted on an as-needed basis.

  • eXpress badging will support all Jolly Technology products for the first year of purchase from the invoice date under our warranty support plan and offer extended support plans afterward.

  • Jolly Technologies software upgrade and support plans are available from eXpress badging and quoted on an as-needed basis.

Remote Into Customer Support:

eXpress badging uses GoTo Assist by CITRIX to remotely access customers’ computers to install purchased software, hardware and provide support services. GoTo Assist is a secure remote in computer resource and requires the customer to approve access to the computer they launch a remote session.

GoToAssist® encrypts session data end-to-end using industry-standard Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Accomplish end-to-end authentication by using the Secure Remote Password (SRP) protocol. SRP is resilient against a wide variety of attacks, including both passive eavesdropping and active password cracking.

At the beginning of all support session calls, we instruct customers by eXpress badging experts to close all applications that have information that is not a part of the support call. Customers can disconnect the GoTo Assist session at any time, and re-entry cannot be established by the eXpress badging without another session being acknowledged and approved by customers. If customers leave their computer unattended, they must inform eXpress badging that they are leaving. If unattended, remote access is not allowed, it is up to customers to inform eXpress badging that the support session needs to be closed until they can return.